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Farm Chores on the Prairie

Nathan and Isaac Weston just arrived at their new home on the western Iowa Prairie. It is April, 1867.

Nathan is responsible to look after the chickens the family brought on a wagon from their old home. On the trip the chickens were kept in four coops tied on top of each other and sitting on the tail-gate of the wagon, fastened securely to the wagon with ropes. Nathan had to check the ropes and fasteners regularly to be sure they did not come loose on the trip.

During the trip, fourteen year old Nathan rode his horse, Beauty, beside the wagon so he could keep an eye on the chickens. Each evening and each morning on the trip, Nathan fed the chickens a portion of corn meal mix and water in each of the coops. He also checked to be sure that a sufficient amount of grass and hay was in each coop to protect both the chickens and their eggs as much as possible.

There were thirty-two chickns in the four coops. One coop had eight roosters. The other three coops each had eight laying hens in them. The laying hens normally laid one egg each, every day. During the week the wagon was on the road, many of the eggs were broken. Nathan was able to gather a number of them each day, however.

Now they had stopped traveling, of course. Nathan and his father, Hank, worked together to untie the coops from the wagon and placed them on the ground. They have decided it would be best for the chickens to leave them in the coops for a few days. During that time, they plan to build an enclosure where they can move about freely, but, be protected from native predators, such as foxes.

Twelve year old Isaac helped his uncle, Josh Weston, with the extra horses and mules on the drive to their new prairie home. He has been learning how to care for the animals by doing all the little things to keep the animals in good condition.