Westons in Western Iowa plot lines

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Main Plot Line

Hank is trying to build a life without his wife – could declare her abandoned – Isaac won’t have it – Nathan yes.
Outwardly says she won’t be back, inside, still hopes she does….
…Therefore, they talk a lot about Melinda!!
(In end, she comes back – to get divorce, to leave again…
Hank real patient – proud of his record - - after near reconciliation – they split over war, again!)


1. Jake’s past and attempted reconciliation with 3 children.
As we watch them each grow and interact, we pick up old Jake stories and his true self…
(intermingles with others in process)

2. Sarah and Glen – ideal family, it appears….
This is conflict with others around them – standards too high??

3. Sam and Cathy – marriage falling apart – was physical, not love…

4. Josh interacts with Sam, and Nathan, and Hank, and Jake
Searching for who he is, and who he wants to be like – I think not!

5. McGee Clan, a few miles to the west – want to run cattle on the prairie.
Mandy has eye on George
McGee – the father is “patriarch”
“Ty” (Tyrone) has eye on Cathy
Cal competes with Josh

Sarah becomes friend with older Mrs. McGee – “Blanche”