From across the ocean come the Westons

Three brothers arrived from England to carry on their family traditions in the New World:

William, the oldest brother, arrived in Massachusetts in about 1630 and eventually settled in what is now New Hampshire.

James arrived in Maryland in about 1640 and settled there.

Thomas, the youngest brother, arrived in Virginia in about 1650 and settled there.

They were each skilled horsemen and were trained as farriers. Each brother brought their farrier tool set and two horses, brood mares, to their new homes.

William Weston, born in 1608, emigrated to the USA, first to Massachusetts, in 1630 at age 22.
James Weston, born in 1616, emigrated to the USA, to Maryland, in 1640 at age 24.
Thomas Weston, born in 1624, emigrated to the USA, to Virginia, in 1650 at age 26.

Note: This draft is a writing exercise, from the past; these characters and stories have been changed in more recent, related stories - this is historical fiction.