"Hank" Weston and Family

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Hank married Melinda, and they had two son: Nathan, age 14, and Isaac, age 13, as our story begins.

Melinda: – honey blond – blue eyes – 5’8” athletic – good with horses – good marksman

Met Hank at Oberlin College in Ohio – she was up from Georgia – he from OH
Get details on this.


– Blacksmith – powerful forearms, biceps, strong hands
Jet Black Hair, shoulder length – shades in summer; keeps warm in winter
Clean-shaven, 6’4” – solid 200 #
Steel grey eyes, steely, piercing, when intense; sparkly when smiling, joking or kidding
Wears Tan Stetson
Captain in the War – Company C, 1st Iowa Cavalry

Looks more like Jake than like his own father.


– oldest son, near 14 – chickens
Natural leader: looks up to his dad, Hank
Has grown a lot, lately, now over 6’ – dark complexion – a lot like his father
Has read about breeding chickens – keep track
Wears hair long, tan Stetson, like dad
Hank keep saying – “just like me”
Nathan will go to Ag College – well…


youngest son, age 12 – interest in horses – helps Josh
Fairer complexion – blonde hair, blue eyes, like his mother…
Still about 5’6” – tension, now, between boys
Isaac still believes their mother will return – Nathan not
(Nathan calls Isaac “momma’s boy” to taunt…)
Isaac resents his bigger brother - “sucks up to Dad”
(Nathan gets by with everything – just does those dead chickens.
School ??

Note: This draft is a writing exercise, from the past; these characters and stories have been changed in more recent, related stories - this is historical fiction.