J.P. and Martie

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Proposal Development

(Character Development)

This story has Martin (Martie) Weston and his young friend, James P. (J.P.) Preston, leaving their homes in NW Ohio to join Martie's uncle in Peoria, Illinois in his new freight hauling business, in 1852. [James P. Preston is an historical figure; known historical information about him will be incorporated into this historical fiction account of the times.]

The Weston family has a tradition in the Morgan horse raising and training business as well as wagon building and freight hauling. Most of the young Weston men are eligible for ownership of four Morgan horses at age 16, if they have demonstrated an interest and commitment to the family business.

Martie and his younger brother, Jack, along with their friend and neighbor, J.P., have been working together for four or five years to demonstrate their interest in the business. J.P. feels abandoned by his family, since his mother remarried after his father's death. She now has two sons, currently ages 13 & 11, with her new husband, and J.P. has found a "new home" with the Weston family, and a special interest in working with the Morgan horses [Historical Footnote 1 & 2].

Jack is 15 and J.P. is about 17 years old as our story begins. Martie, also about 17, has earned and been working with his own four Morgan horses for nearly a year, when the invitation arrives from his uncle, Ferrell Weston, in Illinois, to join him - the invitation includes the opportunity to bring J.P. along, if he is ready to make the move, as well. Jack, of course, will stay behind, to earn his horses. J.P. is very excited at the opportunity to go west.

Character Development

Martin (Martie) Weston

[Truman, son of Fred (a descendant of Thomas) was born in 1790; He lived in Defiance, Williams Co, Ohio in about 1815 to 1855, and had children there including Martie and Jack. His brother, Ferrell, had moved to Illinois.]

James P. Preston and his family relationships

Jack Weston

Ferrell Weston

Note: This draft is a writing exercise, from the past; these characters and stories have been changed in more recent, related stories - this is historical fiction.