Jake Weston Family

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Jake Weston married Hannah, and they had three children: George (18), Jessica (16), Laura (13) (ages at time of arrival in Western Iowa)


Jake = 6’2” – 175# rangier that Hank
Jake has jet black hair – long, but with white streaks now, especially at temples
& handlebar mustache – well waxed – that curls on each side.
Clothes – leather jacket and pants – still has mountain man tendencies
Hat – black Stetson – replaced coon/bear skin hats of old
Has a history of tails
Tried to settle down, in recent years – went back west during war
Went to Gold Fields in ’52 (leaving wife…)



18 years old son of Jake, but much closer to Hank
- hasn’t seen his father in 3 years – not real anxious too, either.
- 6’2” – 185# - same size, now has better developed muscles with blacksmithing
- Also looks after the pigs, etc.


16 years old, now fully grown. Raven hair – reaches her hips when combed out.
Look like her mother, Hannah (who died giving birth to Laura)
Likes to dress up – dances and parties – a little wild like her father…
Looks after kids so she can gain independence – flirt…


Now 13 years old, tom-boy, farmer, medium brown hair – even temperament
Loves all animals – especially the milk cows…
Cares about everybody, everything, like her mom – that she never knew
Bright beyond her years about people and relationships… (Cathy, etc)
Loves little Becky, deeply….

Note: This draft is a writing exercise, from the past; these characters and stories have been changed in more recent, related stories - this is historical fiction.