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James Weston, arrived in Maryland in about 1640 and settled there.

James Weston, born in 1616, emigrated to the America, to the Maryland colony, in 1640 at age 24.

I - James and his son, II - Keith, supplied horses to Captain Richard Brightwell in the 1666 to 1696 period in Maryland.
James was 50 years old when Richard arrived in the area as an indentured servant.
Keith was born in 1650 and interacted with Brightwell throughout his life.

His son, III - Delton, was born in 1685, and lived and work near Poplar Hill, in Prince George's County, Maryland.
He had a son, IV - Theo, who was born in 1719, the same year as William Kinnick (father of Ann Kinnick)
A son of Theo Weston was V - Cyrus, born in 1754, the same year as Ann Kinnick, and her first cousin and, later, husband, John Kinnick.
Theo had another son, V - David, born in 1760, moved to North Carolina in the same wagon train as the Kinnicks. He maintained contact with his brother, Cyrus, for many years.
V - David had a son, VII - Jeremiah, born in 1805 in North Carolina, who moved to Indiana.

Cyrus Weston was born in 1754 in Charles County and edited the journals of Ann Kinnick, during the period surrounding the Revolutionary War.

Cyrus had a son, VI - Karl, born in 1787 in Charles County. As an adult, he moved west on the National Road thru Wheeling to Belmont County, Ohio.