Sarah Weston Family

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Sarah Weston married Glen Farley, and have three children, with a fourth on the way (due in June), as they arrive in Western Iowa, in April: Zack (6), Mary (4), and Abe (2)

Jessica helps out with this family


age 27 (?), married to Glen Farley
Oldest daughter, tall and plain (like her mother?), mousey hair, kept in bun. 5’8”
Has 2 cats, Gingham and Calico, “just seemed right”
Sarah and Glen went to school together; he worshiped her


5’8” also – always trying to prove himself
Inferiority complex – but has survived this way.
Very devoted to wife and family. Most real of the guys.


6 years old – parents anxious for him to have a school…


3 or 4 years old


to be 2 in August


due in June